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Founder & President, CEO

President, CEO: HyunDae Cho, Ph.D. has 25 years of experience in RNA biology and molecular diagnostics assay and kit development. Dr. Cho was trained as a post-doctoral fellowship in RNA Biochemistry at Dr. Alan Weiner’s Laboratory (Yale University) where he developed novel enzymes new functionalities using genetic engineering. Collaboration with Nobel Laureate Dr. Tom Steitz’s Laboratory (Yale University) and they found that a pure protein template composed of two amino acids (not nucleic acid template) which effectively base pairs almost identically with the Watson/Crick edge of CTP and ATP.

His studies of the specialized RNA polymerase (the CCA-adding enzyme) are expected to shed light on the mechanisms that assure faithful replication of our genetic material, and thus prevent cancers and other heritable diseases. He is an inventor of the core technology of TARA (Template Assisted Rapid Assay).   He was awarded SBIR small business grants from the NIH. He has served on expedited special emphasis review panel by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  He served as the Principal Investigator (PI) for grant projects to develop a rapid point-of-care detection test for the dengue, chikungunya, HIV, Influenza virus using TARA platform technology.


Dr. HyunDae Cho, our visionary President and CEO, brings 25 years of expertise in RNA biology and molecular diagnostics. As the inventor of TARA, our revolutionary diagnostic technology, he leads our pioneering efforts. With NIH grants and renowned research contributions, Dr. Cho drives rapid point-of-care test development. At CrossLife Technologies, we continue to innovate under his visionary leadership.

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