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CrossLife Technologies has achieved a major breakthrough in point-of-care diagnostics with the development of an innovative and patented technology called TARA (Template-assisted Rapid Assay). TARA represents a paradigm shift in pathogen detection, as it enables the direct identification of infectious pathogens from diverse sample types without the need for sample preparation, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), or complex instrumentation.

This groundbreaking technology has garnered significant recognition, leading to the filing of a US patent (USPTO Application Number 62/132,568). The patent application highlights the unique and disruptive nature of TARA in the field of diagnostics.

TARA is poised to revolutionize pathogen detection, particularly for infectious diseases such as HIV, malaria, chikungunya, and flu. CrossLife Technologies is actively leveraging the TARA platform to develop specific pathogen detection tests for these diseases, enabling rapid and accurate diagnosis at the point of care.

The innovative nature of TARA has caught the attention of key organizations in the healthcare and research sectors. CrossLife Technologies has been awarded a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH). This grant will facilitate the development of a rapid point-of-care detection test for dengue, chikungunya, HIV, and Influenza virus, utilizing the TARA platform technology.

This recognition and support from NIH underscore the potential impact of TARA in transforming point-of-care diagnostics, providing a rapid and cost-effective solution for the detection of infectious pathogens. The TARA technology holds immense promise in improving healthcare outcomes by enabling timely diagnosis and targeted treatment decisions.

CrossLife Technologies is committed to advancing this disruptive technology and its application in the field of infectious disease diagnostics. Through ongoing research, development, and collaborations, we aim to bring the benefits of TARA to healthcare settings worldwide, contributing to a more effective and accessible approach to pathogen detection and control.

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